Release Notes

AgendaLink harnesses the power of the modern web to deliver the most flexible agenda solution on the market. This site showcases all the latest releases from the wonderful team at Cloud Driven Solutions.

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Feature Release v5.4.19

Live Meetings

  • Modified preview topic slide out to take up 3/4 of the screen and include all attachments
  • For items that are part of a bulk vote (Consent for example) when previewing the topic for voting on all items it will show you the list of topics within the group allowing you to view all items and attachments
  • This functionality also extends to the middle of the screen for easy viewing of agenda items within that topic
  • For clients using our Picture in Picture capability with digital signage the items on the left size of the screen will now scroll up past the preview video window
  • Any meetings for the week can now be run in test mode whether published or not. Previously the meeting had to be published in order to do this


  • Added auto injecting the names of anyone who abstains on a motion
  • Updated the tally count to show totals for all 4 vote possibilities even if zero (example 4-1-0-0)


  • Increased the scaling on pdf agenda reports making the everything a little bit larger
  • Added bookmarks to the PDF Packet for agenda reports and attachments

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue that could cause digital signage screens to error out when running a meeting with no one sitting at that location
  • Text fields for sub items no longer cut off longer wording when adding them to an agenda item (only affected when adding and re-ordering and not publishing)

Maintence Release v5.4.17


  • added a flag for items that are removed from consent during a meeting so that in your minutes it injects wording on that item to say it was removed from consent and will display the specific motions and votes for that item


  • Assigned to Me on home page no longer shows anything that's on a published agenda
  • Removed the numbers on cover sheets for items that have sub items allowing to add whatever you wish instead of a number
  • Added the ability to hide "Presented By" built in field on an agenda's cover sheet
  • Removed the word signature from the agenda cover sheet
  • Better logo sizing on agenda cover sheet and packets headings
  • Updated engage table view to default to an all selection instead of a specific board

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue that wasn't sending assignment notification emails via bot when using custom field change
  • Resolved a bug that could cause a change in a custom field to not be saved if you were using a custom field change bot process that didn't have any custom field updates being applied in the then section
  • Added missing comma when adding the title of a user after their name on agenda reports that is generated via custom fields
  • When publishing multiple meetings on the same day it would cause all the packets to have the same name causing issues with the packet download option on the engage site
  • When publishing a meeting it would overwrite any custom changes to the headers and footers before publishing

Feature Enhancements v5.4.14

Meetings Templates

  • Designing Cover sheets have been redesigned to give you a better experience
  • Can now set duration, engage, memo, and sub-items for template topics


  • Ability to hide "Presented By" at the top of memos
  • Ability to set the wording generated memos (default is "Memorandum")


  • Updated design when editing actions so that title and description are the top 2 fields in the overview section
  • When publishing agendas where you utilize custom fields that are users the published information now shows the person's title if available


  • Date Posted is added to the bottom of published agendas when a meeting is published
  • When publishing an agenda all resource names are included on the memo of the pdf packet instead of just externally linked documents
  • Added ability to edit the cover sheet for a specific meeting
  • When building an agenda you can now see assignments for each item

Feature Enhancements v5.4.9

Meeting Templates

  • We have redesigned how Meeting(Board) Agenda Templates are laid out for managing your groups and template topics.

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  • Topic Blurb, Sub Items now shown on member screens during the meeting
  • Member topic preview slide out now contains the memo if available

Digital Signage

  • Implemented global digital signage management. When updates are released digital signage players will refresh to get the latest features during off hours

Feature Enhancements v5.4.7


  • Added ability to mark items as not having a memo so from a public perspective they aren't clickable and don't create a memo in the packet


  • Added checkbox for agenda groups for public hearing which when enabled provides you the ability to mark the opening and closing a public hearing during the live meeting. These then get auto injected into your meeting minutes
  • Added checkbox for executive session (closed session) for agenda groups. This is used for our OnAir clients and will put the broadcast in and out of executive session mode for you
  • Added a print option when previewing meeting minutes
  • Added a preview packet option when building agendas so you can get preview what the packet will look like when generated
  • You can now edit the attendance of a meeting when reviewing your minutes for approval


  • Several enhancements to our video player for public meetings


  • Updated the timer on our live feed to take up the bottom quarter of the screen when active as opposed to the small box at the top


  • Boards now have the ability to utilize rich text for the headers and footers of your published agendas
  • Added option to disable showing meeting estimated duration times to the public


  • When approving minutes the minutes pdf button on the meetings table was still referencing the draft instead of approved document
  • Meeting Minutes download was missing on approved minutes for public

Feature Enhancements v5.4.3


  • Added the ability to cancel a meeting. When cancelling a meeting it will delete all auto generated template topics. Any regular items associated with the meeting will be put back in the queue for future meetings.
  • When viewing the list of meetings you can now download cover sheets, packets, and minutes directly from the view if they are available.


  • When viewing an agenda item's details you can now print the cover sheet plus attachments via the print button next to the item's title
  • Cancelled meetings will appear in red and crossed out on calendar view. If looking at meetings via the table view they will say meeting cancelled.
  • Added behind the scenes analytics to record how many visits each agenda gets as well as download clicks for cover sheet and packet. In a future release we will be providing these analytics to you via the reports section.


  • Created a new quick action button that will allow you to trigger modes easily
  • Added the ability to manually trigger a closed session mode when needed


  • For boards where the Mayor or board administrator only vote if there's a tie we have added text that tells the current tally making it easier for the person to know if they need to vote or not where previously they had to look at how each person voted.
  • Modified the topic lists to show the group number and letter for each item instead of just saying what agenda group the topic is a part of. This was to make it easier for staff and board members to follow along

Digital Signage

  • Added an admin capability for rebooting a brightsign player via the UI

Bug Fixes

  • If you had an extremely long topic it could cause buttons to get pushed off the screen for that item when building a meeting or working on your minutes
  • If you had multiple custom field bot processes setup it could cause the UI to think nothing was updated even though something was if not all of them actually needed to run

Maintenance Release v5.4.2

Meeting Minutes

  • When generating a minutes draft a bulk vote group now only shows a single vote for all the items above the list instead of showing it on each item within the group
  • Added item numbering when creating meeting minutes for better reference
  • Added ability to download a pdf of the meeting minutes from the build screen

Live Meeting

  • If a board utilizes tie breaker vote option where the board admin only votes in case of tie and you utilize the vote all yes option it no longer registers a vote for the board admin
  • When voting results are shown where the board utilizes tie breaker vote and the board admin doesn't need to vote to break the tie they are not shown on the voting results screen

Engage Portal

  • UI updates on mobile viewing of agenda items to incorporate a new slide up and menu options for a better user experience

Bug Fixes

  • If a field updated logic on an item via a bot process there could be the chance that the user wouldn't know and the screen wouldn't update automatically with the behind the scenes changed information
  • If typing up minutes notes for an item the editor wasn't scrolling if information went off the screen
  • When trying to get text to justify and take up the whole screen on meeting minutes it was still only taking up 3/4 of screen when generating the document
  • Downloading pdf resources from the public portal was downloading the file as a url instead of the actual file
  • If you updated a meeting's minutes after linking the minutes to a future agenda it would break the link to the pdf resource of the minutes document
  • If you were using notify selection on a multi-select custom field in a bot process it wouldn't send a notification to the current selection

Feature Requests v5.4.0

Bot Improvements

  • We've added an option to "Notify Selection" for "Then" custom user lists. This option will evaluate the current value of the field and send the notification to whatever it's value currently is instead of having to hard set the value in the process.

Custom Fields

  • There are now single select and multi-select options that will utilize all standard and above users at available options instead of having to choose specific users for a list.


  • Created the ability to move agenda items between groups when building a meeting


  • You can now run a report per board that will show you all upcoming meetings with each of it's current actions. You will see total estimated duration along with each items estimated duration to help you plan out future meetings.

Engage (Public Portal)

  • The estimated duration for meetings is now shown in HTML and PDF cover sheets
  • Estimated duration is now shown when viewing the list of meetings


  • Added a confirmation when removing something from a bulk vote
  • Updated voting results on all screen endpoint to utilize the dark background

Bug Fixes

  • Agenda items sometimes would show out of order on public portal
  • Register option for agenda items would show even if engage was turned off on mobile viewing
  • Voting buttons on live screen would randomly order on occasion instead of showing Yea, Nay, Abstain from left to right
  • Items within a bulk vote group would start ordering at B instead of A because of a hidden topic that's used for voting purposes during a live meeting
  • Registrations for agenda items by the public could return a JSON object instead of formatted text
  • Meeting Locations were missing from printable versions of agenda cover sheets and packets if you were using a custom header
  • If using a process that would set multiple custom fields on action creation only the first was being set
  • If using digital signage endpoints there were situations that could cause a screen to get stuck in the waiting room if a user left the meeting or was logged out by the manager and then wanted to get back in
  • If using digital signage endpoint from a device that the browser could be refreshed the user couldn't get back into the meeting

Feature Enhancements v5.3.3


  • You can hide any built-in fields you don't wish to use
  • Custom Fields can now be a required field so when you create a new action it will make you set that field before creating
  • Actions now support sub-item lists. This option allows you to add talking points or sub items of the agenda item which are visible to the public in both HTML and PDF


  • Modified date formatting to remove th and rd from the day
  • Added a revised flag to agendas that are published, pulled down, modified, and then published again. The flag shows in both HTML and PDF

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed attachments opening in new browser tabs when viewing agenda items via search on engage site
  • Fixed a bug that would cause action resources to be publicly viewable even if marked as non-public.

Feature Release v5.3.0

Digital Signage

  • You can now register a digital signage player to the platform no longer requiring members to have to log in and out at every meeting where utilizing the players
  • Each device is registered to a room which you can then set which seat location the device is at
  • Devices are registered using a generated code that lasts for 10 minutes allowing you to register the device. The code is emailed to an administrator of your choice during the registration process.


  • If an item has information in the item blurb section it appears on the meeting building screen
  • The meetings table list now shows every meetings estimated duration
  • When removing an item from an agenda it will now prompt the user for confirmation first before removing
  • Updated user management rights so that only managers or admins can create new meetings
  • You can now clone agenda items which will create a duplicate including all fields except for tasks and any pdf attachments

General Improvements

  • Minor UI fixes

Maintenance Release v5.2.3

  • Minor UI updates for smaller screen resolutions
  • Minor backend enhancements
  • Finished converting over email templates to the new branded email format
  • Resolved a bug with getting a documents comments when switching items

Feature Release v5.2.1


  • You can now chain multiple motions together to better manage things such as amended or substitute motions
  • Motions that don't receive a second are now stored as failed motions

General Improvements

  • The live meeting feed now utilizes a dark mode to improve any balance issues the white screen would cause broadcast cameras in the room
  • Added 75 and 90 minute options for topic estimated duration times
  • Added the ability to mention yourself when creating comments in the document editor
  • Added filtering capabilities to all custom field drop downs
  • Added filtering option when assigning actions to a meeting that are in the queue
  • Minor UI fixes for smaller screen resolutions
  • Resolved scrolling issue with a long list of custom fields under settings
  • Started adding new branded email capabilities

Minor Release v5.1.1

  • Added functionality that will send an email to the user who publishes a meeting to let them know that the packet has finished generating along with a link to access it.
  • Added ability for the ordered list custom field to display banners on agenda items similar to the single and multi-select options.

Feature Release v5.1.0

Custom Fields

You can now create an ordred list custom field that only allows picking items in order unless you have special user rights. This option is also available to utilize in our process builder as well.

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Meeting Minutes

We overhauled how meeting minute drafts are created to simplify things.

  • Minutes wording are now associated with each item individually allowing for easy access to the information at any point down the road instead of having to look through a pdf
  • You can preview your draft as it's being built in real-time
  • Once the draft is generated you can link that draft to a future meeting's agenda with a simple click

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Performance Release v5.0.8

In this release we have provided a slew of server side performance enhancements along with enhancements for PDF generations


  • Completely Re-Factored how PDFs are generated
  • Packets are now generated and stored behind the scenes without having to print them and save as pdf

Document Embedding v5.0.6

With the introduction of document embedding you can link documents from Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Konveio to agenda items. Linking them allows you to have always up to date information without having to save as a pdf and attach it to the agenda item.

Minor Release v5.0.5

These release contains features enhancements and a bug squash


  • Added custom date field capability
  • Added new process capabilities for "when" and "then" that can utilize custom date fields
  • Added option to notify an entire list of users when using custom fields that utilizes users when building processes
  • Created a new file menu in the meetings section
  • You can now "Set" an agenda for a meeting that prevents adding and removing items but users can still work on the individual items
  • Fixed issue causing highlighting text issues in our document editor

Release v5.0.4

This release contains some requested features from our users


  • Meeting filtering now has the same apply capability as Actions
  • Added ability to set whether or not an agenda item can accept public registrations and comments
  • Added a new item blurb field allowing you to reduce the title of agenda items. The blurb will appear directly under the title on both HTML and PDF versions of the agenda
  • Blurbs are also searchable